Do you feel alive?


Have you lost your sense of Self and direction? If you are at a crossroads, there is no shame to ask for directions. What do you really want? Do you want this life?
 Do you want this love? Are you happy? Are you settling? Are you tired? Are you doing purposeful work? Ask yourself with honesty.  Are you being led by your fear or your love? Are you living deliberately or by default? 


Are you ready to stop going through the motions? Are you ready to stop settling for what is in front of you and what is expected of you? Are you ready to start living your life for yourself instead of others? You have landed here because you are exhausted; mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.  You have no energy to get up, you have no motivation to take care of yourself. You have allowed days, weeks, months of your life go by. You are yearning for peace and purpose from your life, your relationships and deep down you know it.

Everyone is on their own journey. Some may put in years of self development & work, are mindful of patterns & cycles, but still can’t find peace within and keep making the same mistakes again & again. Or perhaps some are simply functioning; you lay in bed all day, have no desire to live, have a lost sense of hope, and are stuck in the rat race. Simply surviving, existing, mustering enough energy to function through school, work, life. You use your vice of choice to escape & “avoid” the pain, put on your mask of choice and do it again day after day with no true direction, sense of self or purpose.
You are scared, lack self discipline, mindset, motivation, will to live, support, community, accountability & strategy. You are yearning for someone to guide you through the darkness into the light.




I've experienced this myself, and it's my goal to assist and empower you on a similar journey.

You must be ready to be the pioneer in the rediscovery of your essence; mind, body, soul. This trek is not for the faint of heart. The work we will do will be everything but surface level. We go deep... help you awaken to become heart-centered and aligned with your purpose. I am going to help you navigate to unravel and unveil all the lies you never knew you have been telling yourself. Building a sustainable lifestyle takes time, practice and a healthy kick in the butt accountability. True transformation is deep and lasting, it's about doing proper due diligence in setting up your legacy in ALL arenas of your life starting with yourself and inner knowing being the compass.

Are you ready to invest in yourself, change direction and face all the darkness you have been running from? 

Are you ready to

Invest in your one way ticket
 to the rest of your life!

Let’s journey into the unknown, connect your dots, expand your horizons to answer the question,
what the fuck gives.
Your peace and dharma awaits you; you must choose to embark on the inward journey to rediscover it. Let's explore if we are travel buddies.

 It's time to awaken, design & map out a career and life you love. We’re talking NEXT LEVEL.

Want to be a more sustainable, conscious leader?
Check out the services available for your small business or team. (COMING SOON)

Are you ready to feel WHOLE hearted?
If the answer is a big YES, this path is for you.
Take a look at the programs available.

Explore or strengthen your Yoga practice on & off the mat. Catch me teaching at the studio, book a one on one, sign up to a yoga workshop or host a Yoga guided event!





Working with Adelina has changed my life. I’m not sure where to begin to express my gratitude. I was in a dark place before working with her, stuck repeating the same cycle of negative beliefs and patterns. Through her consistency, tough love, generosity and knowledge, she’s helped me work through my thought patterns and find practical direction in my life in a way I didn’t think was possible. She uses engaging tools and exercises that allow me to not only reflect but also take actionable steps. After each session together, I’ve literally left feeling far more energized, supported, heard, and motivated–I’ve gone from wanting to give up to wanting to thrive, and yes, I have hope again. She’s both uncompromising and compassionate, and is willing to meet you where you’re at on your journey and do what it takes in order to get to the next level. If you’re questioning your path or need a renewed sense of hope, Adelina’s your girl / person (or alternatively– Adelina will get you to where you’re meant to be.).  

" Adelina will get you to where you're meant to be"

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"My life changed from day 1"

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"Everything fell into place"

"Too many die with a brush in their hands, heart full of colors and a lifetime of empty canvasses"


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